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  1. Subject of the User Agreement

1.1 The subject of this User Agreement ("PS" ) is the relationship between the Administration of the Internet resource INPRIDE.CLUB, then   "INPRIDE", which is the copyright owner of an Internet service located in   Internet on   ("Internet Service" , and "Service" ), and   by you (an individual by an Internet user), then   " User ", on   about the use of the Internet service. Using the   Tools INPRIDE . CLUB , the User agrees to comply with the terms and conditions described in   this User Agreement. The User Agreement can be changed by the INPRIDE Administration without any special notification.

1.2 The User Agreement regulates the use of the INPRIDE.CLUB Service. The provisions of this User Agreement are mandatory for all Users registered through the Internet service or who have started using the INPRIDE.CLUB Service.

Every Access to the Internet Service (using the Internet Service), User agrees with the terms of this User Agreement.

  1. General Terms

2.1   INPRIDE provides access to the Internet auction service, including the Referral Program service, accessible through a personal computer and   various mobile devices, both existing in   current, and   services that will be developed in the future .

2.2 The User is aware and "agrees that the INPRIDE Service may contain advertising, and that the availability of this advertisement is a prerequisite for using the INPRIDE Service. The user also understands   agrees that the INPRIDE service may contain messages from   INPRIDE, such as service messages, automatic notifications and   newsletters INPRIDE.

2.3   The INPRIDE service is provided "as is". INPRIDE   Does not assume any responsibility for the delay, deletion, non-delivery or inability to download any User data, including User settings, and is not responsible for the service's compliance with the User's purposes. All questions regarding the granting of access rights to the Internet, purchase and adjustment for this relevant equipment and software products are decided by the User independently and are not subject to this User Agreement.

2.4   Internet service INPRIDE.CLUB   is an online auction that allows you to buy lots according to Auction rules with   using the web interface located at , and   specialized hardware and software Maintenance aimed at   maintaining work.

2.5   The user agrees with   the fact that INPRIDE can collect the impersonal statistics about the Users of the INPRIDE Service.

2.6 By registering your phone number in the INPRIDE service settings and sending SMS messages from your phone number, the user agrees to receive an information message from INPRIDE, as well as from third parties, on behalf of INPRIDE.

2.7. INPRIDE has the right to set any additional requirements and restrictions for registration on the Site and use of the Services.

2.8. In order to use the Internet service as a collection of computer programs, INPRIDE grants the User (licensee) the right to use the free functional (software) capabilities of the Internet service on the terms of a simple (non-exclusive) royalty-free license. The use of additional paid functional (software) features of the Internet service is granted to INPRIDE to the User (licensee) under the terms of a simple (non-exclusive) license for a period provided by the corresponding additional paid functional (software) capabilities of the Internet service, by accessing additional paid functional (software) The possibilities of the Internet service and its actual use within the territory on which the Internet service is available.  

  1. Entering a custom agreement into   force

3.1   This User Agreement, and   also changes and   additions to   this User Agreement, enter into force on   when published on the site . The consent of the User with the terms of the User Agreement is expressed in   the form of the User clicking the "Register" or "Login" button, located at , Or by actually using the Service INPRIDE .

3.2  he user has the right to refuse   making changes and   PS, made by the Administration INPRIDE , which means the User's refusal to use the Service INPRIDE.

  1. User's obligations for   registration in the Internet service

4.1 In order to use the INPRIDE Service, as well as to obtain the rights to use the additional functional (software) capabilities of the Internet service, the User must undergo the following registration procedure:

4.1.1 Fill in the registration form on the   INPRIDE Service.  
 In the process of filling in the registration form, the User chooses the Login and Password necessary for subsequent access to his account, as well as information data, including a secret question and answer, allowing the User to independently restore access to his account. The user confirms that he is informed that the security of access to the account directly depends on the complexity (number and variation of characters) of the Password and information data (secret question and answer).

4.1.2   In this case, INPRIDE does not in any way check the information provided by the User, hereinafter the credentials (unless otherwise provided by the terms of provision of any particular Service), is not liable to any third parties for accuracy And   the credibility of the credentials and does not   regard the credentials provided by the User as   the quality of the User's personal data.
 By posting accounting and other data and information and subscribing to the User Agreement, the User expresses his consent to INPRIDE to process accounting and other data, to reflect them in the User profile and relevant Services, taking into account the available functionality (which from time to time can be changed at the discretion of INPRIDE) ,   as well as the fact that the credentials and other data reflected in the profile will be considered available to Internet users taking into account such functionality. The User agrees to transfer accounting and other data to third parties, including for processing purposes, to ensure the functioning of the Site, the Services, the implementation of partner and other programs of the Site, provided INPRIDE is provided with respect to the transmitted data on the part of the recipient of such mode data similar to the regime Existing on the Site.
The purpose of processing the user's credentials is to provide the latter with the opportunity to use the Services and to grant the rights to use additional functional (software) capabilities of the Internet service, conduct advertising campaigns, provide targeted advertising and services, conduct statistical research and analyze the statistical data obtained, perform other actions described In the User Agreement.
 The processing of the user's credentials is performed from the moment of registration of the User to the time when his account is deleted.
 The user agrees that INPRIDE during the processing of credentials has the right to exercise with accounting   The following actions: collection, systematization, accumulation, storage, use, destruction and other necessary for the execution of the User Agreement.
 After registering an account, the User has the right to fill out the User account with content, including adding photos, joining communities and enjoying other rights granted by INPRIDE.
 4.1.3. Except as specified in § 4.1. The registration procedure on the Internet service, the User may be granted the right to register using the data (login and password) from the electronic mailbox created by the User on the resource of the third party.

4.2   The user is personally responsible for the safety and security of his Password and information data (secret question and answer).

4.2.1 INPRIDE shall not be liable or guarantee the security of the User's account in the following cases: transfer to the third party (intentionally or by negligence) of the Password and information data (secret question and answer); Access of third parties to the User's account using software that allows to select and / or decode the Password; Access of third parties to the User account by simply selecting the Password and information data (secret question and answer); Non-compliance by the User with the recommendations specified in this User Agreement or the interface of the Service.

4.3   INPRIDE has the right to provide the User with the opportunity to transfer credentials to third parties through special technologies (Open ID, etc.), subject to the User's consent to such   Transmission. In this case, INPRIDE does not guarantee to the User the completeness and correctness of the transfer of credentials and is not responsible for the safety of data during the transfer.  

4.4   User agrees:

4.5 Password of the INPRIDE account The user can only be recovered in   if the account is accurate, accurate and   complete, specify the information specified when registering the account. If the User has disregarded the accurate, correct, and full indication of the registration information, the INPRIDE Support Service will not be able to recover the password upon request.

INPRIDE recommends that you save your password and   complete the account registration form accurately, correctly and   fully.

  1. Registered User's Rules of Conduct

5.1   The user is solely responsible for   all information on his account. This means that the User, and   not   INPRIDE, is fully responsible for   all data that the User enters with INPPIDE Service.  

5.1.1   The user agrees that by entering data, the User grants access to them for other registered Users by default. INPRIDE is only a means of allowing the User to access and communicate the Materials to the public.

5.2   User agrees not to use the Service INPRIDE for:

5.2.1. Upload, send, transmit or otherwise publish materials, including indicating the place of its location, by placing links that are illegal, harmful, threatening, insulting, libelous, infringing copyright And   other intellectual property rights that propagate hatred and / or discrimination against people based on race, ethnicity, gender, social characteristics, and also violate accepted norms and ethics of communication in the Internet, The work of other Users with   INPRIDE Service;  

5.2.2   violations of the rights of minors and / or harming them in any form, including moral ones;

5.2.3 Infringement of the rights of various minorities;

5.2.4 Submitting yourself as another person or representative of the organization and / or community, including for INPRIDE Support Service, INPRIDE employees, for   forum moderators,   also introducing misconceptions;

5.2.5 Download, send, transmit or otherwise post any materials that the User does not have the right to make available under the law or in accordance with any agreements with third parties;

5.2.6   Upload, send, transmit or otherwise publish materials that violate any, third party rights, including, without limitation, the right to   trademarks (service marks), trade secrets, and / or infringement Any other intellectual property rights of third parties;

5.2.7   Uploading, sending, transferring or any other way of publishing non-permitted advertising messages, including mass, unauthorized and / or non-expected recipients, unsolicited mailings of promotional nature;

5.2.8. Download, send, transmit or otherwise publish any materials containing viruses or other computer codes, files or programs designed to infringe, destroy or limit the functionality of any computer or telecommunications equipment or programs for Unauthorized access to computer systems, equipment or data from third parties, as well as serial numbers to commercial software products and programs for generating them, or Passwords, passwords, and other means to gain unauthorized access to paid resources in the Internet, as well as placing links to the above information;

5.3   The user agrees not to use automated scripts (programs) to collect information   and (or) interact with the Internet service.

5.4   In case of claims from third parties related to the placement of materials by the User, the User will independently settle   for   his account will settle these claims.

5.5 Administration   INPRIDE has the right to block the user's account at its own discretion without compensation of financial assets and without explanation.

5.6   The user agrees with   that he is personally responsible for   any information and   for   any materials he   places in   the INPRIDE Service and   his (User) interactions with   other Users.

5.7   INPRIDE is not responsible for   any behavior of Users using INPRIDE Service, both on-line and off-line ( p.)

5.8   INPRIDE is entitled, according to   to the first request of the relevant authorized law enforcement and other authorized state body, but   in   in accordance with the applicable law, to transfer to that public authority the available information about the User.

5.9 When you replenish your internal accounts (stash or primary) of your account, the user agrees that it is not possible to withdraw funds invested by them. The user also agrees that the funds on the internal accounts of the account can only be used within the existing INPRIDE service functionality. The withdrawal of funds is possible only with the account's salary account, according to the marketing of the service.

  1. Non-Commercial Use

You agree not to   to reproduce,   to repeat, and   not   copy,   sell   not   resell, and   also   use   any commercial purposes, any intellectual property, located in the   the Service INPRIDE , Except when such permission is given to the User from the side ofINPRIDE.

  1. General provisions on the   and the use of   storage information and   material

7.1   User acknowledges that INPRIDE may impose limitations on   using INPRIDE Service


7.2   user provides INPRIDE non-exclusive license to use, including the reproduction, distribution, processing, public display, and   bringing to the   public information materials posted by users in the   within the internet service for public viewing in   as kontentaINPRIDE available In   Internet service INPRIDE, in   the purpose of promoting the Internet service and   its advertising. The author mentioned in   this paragraph material reserves   are all proprietary and   personal property copyright, according to the legislation and   international agreements


7.3   In the case of remote user materials rights mentioned in   n  .

7.2. Of this User Agreement will be automatically revoked, but INPRIDE has the right to store archival copies of content posted by Users.

7.4   INPRIDE has the right to prohibit the automatic access to the INPRIDE Service, and to stop receiving any information generated automatically. INPRIDE may, at its discretion, stop communicating with   networks that violate the rules of current Russian and international laws, the terms of this User Agreement, and the generally accepted principles of interaction established in the Internet.

7.5 Using the functionality of the INPRIDE Service, the User agrees that the User's information can be transferred to the INPRIDE partners solely for the purpose of ensuring the provision of the services ordered by the User, as well as providing Users with the rights to use the additional functional (software) capabilities of the Internet service, Together with these partners, and only to the extent necessary for the proper provision of these services and the provision of these rights.  

  1. Terminate the user's account, and   delete content posted by the user

8.1   The user agrees with   the fact that INPRIDE reserves the right to terminate the User's account at   any time   without prior notice to the User .

8.2   Account termination may be effected in connection with the following reasons: a) violation of the provisions of this User Agreement and / or the INPRIDE Service Agreement; b) according to the relevant request of the authorities, according to the law ; C) a long period of non-use of the account for accessing INPRIDE (as it is defined by this User Agreement); D) in connection with unforeseen problems of a technical nature or circumstances related to safety; E) due to the creation of interference and   any violations in   relation to the INPRIDE Service, including the use of any devices, software and  

8.3   INPRIDE reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to modify (moderate) or delete any information published by the User.

8.4   INPRIDE has the right to delete the account (account) of the User   and (or) suspend, restrict or stop access to the Site service if INPRIDE discovers in the User's actions the signs of violation of the terms of this User Agreement without explaining the reasons for such actions. INPRIDE reserves the right to remove any materials placed by the User in the INPRIDE Service without explaining the reasons and without notice to the User, but INPRIDE will make every effort to avoid such situations .

8.5   The user agrees with   that   INPRIDE leaves behind   the right to terminate the user account maintenance.

8.6   Termination of the User account assumes: a) deletion of the User's access to the personal part of the INPRIDE Service;   b) removing the User's password from   emails, files and   deleting personal settings.

  1. 9 .   Responsibility INPRIDE

The user understands   agrees with   that:

9.1   The user uses INPRIDE Services, in   including the Referral Program, "as is". INPRIDE does not accept any responsibility for itself, including for   the compliance of the INPRIDE Service with the User's purposes;

9.2   INPRIDE does not   guarantee that the INPRIDE Service will meet the User's requirements; Will be provided continuously, quickly, securely   without errors; The results that can be received by the User will be accurate and "reliable"; The quality of any product, information, and other information obtained with the use of the INPRIDE Service will meet the expectations of the User, and that all errors in the programs will be corrected;

9.3   Any materials (intellectual property objects) received by the User with   use of the INPRIDE Service, User can use his   own fear and   risk, while the User is liable for any damage that may be caused The User's computer and the User's data in the result of uploading these materials;

9.4   INPRIDE is not liable for any direct or indirect damages resulting from the use or inability to use the INPRIDE Service; Due to unauthorized access to the User's communications; Due to fraudulent activities of third parties, including the use of the mark or trademark INPRIDE for selfish purposes.

  1. Privacy INPRIDE

10.1   INPRIDE can use User authentication technologies, in   including   the use of cookies, and   also use the specified technologies in   marketing purposes to study User preferences. At the same time, such identification is unpersonal and "generalized", INPRIDE does not track the actions of individual Users and does not transmit information about them. However, less than this information can be provided to authorized state bodies in accordance with the applicable law.

10.2   Within the functioning of the INPRIDE Service, the secrecy of messages is ensured and the confidentiality of information about the INPRIDE Users is respected, for   except as provided by law.

10.3   The user agrees to use   login information on the INPRIDE side in a generalized form in   purposes of "targeting" on the INPRIDE Service, while User Mail addresses will not be passed to third parties.

  1. The principle of respect for the rights of Internet users

Users of the INPRIDE Service are committed to respecting the rights of each other and third parties, respecting established traditions and ethics in the Internet, not abusing the capabilities of the INPRIDE Service for purposes contrary to the rules of the law in force, and morality and morals.

  1. Information security

12.1   The user does not have the right to access any other INPRIDE information other than the User's own information in his account, and to information that is publicly available in the INPRIDE Service.

  1. Breaks in   Internet service

13.1   INPRIDE has the right to perform preventive work in the INPRIDE Service with a temporary suspension of the INPRIDE Service.

13.2   In case of force majeure circumstances,   also failures or failures in   third-party software and hardware complexes cooperating with INPRIDE, or actions of third parties aimed at suspending or stopping the operation of the INPRIDE Service, it is possible The suspension of the INPRIDE Service without prior notification of Users.

  1. Feedback and   Claim Review Procedure

A user who believes that his rights and interests have been violated because of INPRIDE's actions can send an appropriate appeal. Inquiries are processed by the Customer Support Service INPRIDE in accordance with the general procedure for reviewing incoming requests.

All calls, including   regarding the operation of the Service INPRIDE , the User can   direct   to   Customer Support through the feedback form

The user and   INPRIDE agree with   that all possible disputes over   about the User Agreement will be resolved in   in accordance with the applicable laws.

  1. General Information

15.1 Nothing in the   User agreement can be understood as the establishment between the User and INPRIDE of agency relations, partnership relations, relationships, joint activities, personal hiring relationships, or any other relations not expressly provided for by the PS. < / P>

15.2   Recognition by the court of any provision of the FSN as invalid, or not enforceable, does not lead to the invalidity or unenforceability of other provisions of the PS.

15.3 "Inaction from the INPRIDE party, in case of violation by the User or other third parties, of the provisions of the   PS, does not deprive INPRIDE of the right to take appropriate action to protect its interests at a later date."

15.4   All disputes between the parties under this agreement shall be resolved through correspondence and negotiations using a mandatory pre-trial (claim) order. If it is impossible to reach agreement between the parties by negotiation within 60 (sixty) calendar days from the receipt of a written claim by the other party, the dispute shall be referred by any interested party to the court at the location of INPRIDE (with the exception of the jurisdiction of the matter by any other courts). ;

  1. Changes and   additions to   PS

16.1. This User Agreement may be changed by INPRIDE without any prior notice. Any changes to the User Agreement made by INPRIDE unilaterally come into force from the day following the day of publication of such changes on the Internet service / on the pages of the corresponding INPRIDE Service. The User undertakes to independently verify the User Agreement for any changes made. Non-implementation by the User of actions on familiarization can not serve as a basis for the User's failure to fulfill its obligations and non-compliance by the User with the restrictions established by this User Agreement.

16.2. In the event that regulatory acts are passed by authorities affecting the whole or part of the operation of INPRIDE, INPRIDE also reserves the right to make any changes to the operation of the INPRIDE Service aimed at bringing INPRIDE's activities in compliance with the new rules.

16.3. The User has the right to refuse to accept changes and additions to the User Agreement, which means the User's refusal to use the Internet service and all rights granted to him earlier.

Using any Service INPRIDE means the User's unconditional consent to the terms of this User Agreement.

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Terms of payment:

Lots in the auction are paid from the main internal account. The bet on the lot can be made from the betting account. These accounts can be replenished with the help of the automatic "One Wallet" service, which provides a variety of payment options. Commission for replenishment is collected according to the tariffs of the "One Wallet" service. After payment - funds to your main or stash accounts are credited automatically. Delivery policy:

In order to receive the purchased lot, you need to select the lot you want to receive in the section "MY CABINET / PURCHASE", click "Cash out lot", after filling in the form and apply for the lot. In order to avoid fraud, the application is processed up to 72 hours. After processing, you receive a lot according to the data that you specified when completing the application. On receipt of the lot you will be informed by letter to you E-mail or SMS on your phone, which you indicated in your office.

Cashback guarantee:

If you did not receive the item you bought through the fault of our INPRIDE.CLUB resource, all the money you have spent for the purchase of the lot will be returned in full to your main account in the same currency, as well as the bet spent on the bet for the betting account of this lot.


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